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[APD] Sagittaria subulata (and platyphylla) -- Amazon biotope


Be aware that Echinodorus uruguayensis is not by any
definition a medium plant. It will top off at around
30-36" tall and need 2 sq feet (or more preferably) to
develop fully. The roots will fill the bottom of a 4'
tank in a year or so-- 1.5 years without CO2. Aside
from the chain swords, the Echinodorus sp.' with
strap-like leaves are GIANTS. They won't fit in a 30'

You can keep it smaller by trimming off old leaves,
but usually only works for a while before beggining to
stunt the plant IME. Amano does this with great
success, but I don't know how long he maintains them
like that.

E. uruguayensis is a *magnificent* plant, but it needs
some room.... and forget growing anything around it
that needs any kind of light:)

All your other selections seem nice, though 8)... 

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

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