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[APD] Re: Plants for Amazon Biotope

Andrew said
>Echinodorus Martii (Major)
>Echindorus Osiris
>Echinodorus uruguayensis

One of these is likely to fill your tank with no room for any other plants!
You may be luckier than those of us in the US.  Can you get a Tropica Rubin
Narrow?  This would be very nice: red, and smaller, but just use one.

Good choice on the valisneria or sagittaria.  Either will look good in the
tank with the Angels.  I think Val grows faster than Sag.  A dozen small val
plants will take over the tank in a few months.  Get the smaller versions of
val.  When the bigger versions get 6 feet long they block the light floating
on the surface, and eventually dry out.

Steve Pituch

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