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[APD] hob as overflow?

Has anyone tried to convert a hob power filter to a overflow for a sump? The inlet could be shortened and placed inside a pvc capped tube slightly below water level to give it a surface skimmer effect and at the same time avoiding overflow problems during a power failure since the pump can only pull what overflows into the pvc tube out. I suppose the box of the hob could be drilled to allow a line out from it into the sump and a submersible in the sump to feed it back up into the main tank? In theory using a hob would also be self priming if the power went out. The glitch I cant seem to get past is if the hob did not restart after the power went out but the sump pump did and emptied the entire sump back into the main tank it could create an overflow.
Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Links?


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