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[APD] General Tom and Nesaea Mg:Ca

Neil Frank wrote:
> PS. I was only generally talking about generalizing, referring to posting
> in general and not specifically referring to General Tom.... who, by the
> way, has posted more than 50 times to the APD in January 04. What is the
> APD record for a month?

That's good, because I was really starved for interesting knowledge
under the period he was away and didn't post under a couple of
boring months.

Those were (to me) the least interesting months in APD:s history, and 
know it certainly is a really memorable month with great information and
it has given me several ideas how to experiment with my curly 
leaves in my Nesaea and H. polysperma rosanervig.

BTW I have stopped dosing MgSO4 altogether and have raised
my Ca-levels, which made the Nesaea look pretty good and rosanervig
very good but not perfect - so I stopped CaCO3-dosing and 
dosed 10 ppm MgSO4 which made the new shoots of the Nesaea 
twisted and curly:
Before (No extra Mg, CaCO3-dosage):
After (10 ppm Mg-dose, No CaCO3-dosage):

// Daniel.
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