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[APD] Re: Fish Stocking Level

Sorry to be a bit behind the times, but it's taken me a while to catch up
with everything.

Concerning the Angel Fish and Cardinals, my experience is that if the angels
were small and grew with the cardinals they don't look upon them as food and
leave them alone. The problem comes when adding an adult angel into the tank
with cardinals. I would have thought an oto would be too big even for an
adult angel to tackle, but then if they're hungry they might have a go.

How is your tank progressing Andrew? Have you bought anything yet or are you
still reeling from the price shock?!

When I set my 24" up a little while ago I bought one of the Hagen complete
set up packages. I originally planned to buy everything separately but
decided that it was cheaper to get the whole setup and just not use certain
bits (like the plastic plants). I did change the lights from the Hagen
AquaGlo/SunGlo and bought two of the Daylight Plus tubes and replaced the
reflectors that come in the lid. I've kept them as backup if one of the new
ones goes. I like the Daylight Plus tubes. I didn't realise it had a green
spike in it - that would explain the plants 'glowing'. Not sure I liked it
as first, but I've got used to it now. My H. polysperma in my 3' tank
certainly likes it. I've got one Daylight Plus towards the rear and a Sunglo
at the front, the Hygro grows much redder at the back of the tank.

I think your price list is pretty reasonable, but you seem to be spending
alot on treatments. What are you including? Also, remember that you don't
have to buy everything in one go - take your time.

I'd be interested to know what the plants are like from Birstall. I was
going to buy a few things from them but couldn't get the online payment to
work and I never got round to phoning them. They're the only ones I know
that sell C. affinis (in the UK). My C. Wendtii from Green Line are growing
nicely though. I wish Green Line wouldn't sell marsh/land plants though,
makes them look a bit dodgy IMO. Can I say that? Oh well. Some plants in my
2' have done well, others haven't. When I've pulled out a plant that has
lost all it's leaves and the stems going brown, it still has lots of nice
white roots though. I've used aquatic soil (meant for ponds) under sand and
am quite pleased. No C02, but I am tempted. I would really like to grow A.
roseafolia, but I only have 3 sticks left, each of them having 4 small
leaves at the top :-(  I also have a large piece of bogwood which rises
towards the water surface and is growing an impressive amount of hair algae
near the top. I keep having to remove the strands to stop it taking over the

Sorry for the long post. I'll stop rambling now...

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