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[APD] RE: Darned if you do and darned if you don't

Tom Barr wrote:

I jokingly called a poster a "stooge", there were smiles behind it the
whole way down:)
My intent: Ever heard of the THREE stooges?:-) I mean who even calls anyone
a stooge anymore except in reference to that?
Being a boss's stooge is joke, he obviously has a great relationship with
the boss and the boss likes plants. That's way cool, I'm just razzing
him/slightly jealous. Most here would be jealous.  Nothing more. If he felt
like it was unclear, I'd be glad say "sorry, I was kidding, I was too
crass/ in poor taste ". I like to be joking and jibbing eachother. There is
no malice. Why would you assume this about me? Why would I help people out
all over about plants if I was that way?

Just call me Curly:-) I was really laughing when I read that post to me Tom. You have helped me out a lot and I am still digesting all the information I have gotten in your replies as well as others.

Jerry Smith

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