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[APD] FL on tall tanks - can it be done?

I've often heard people say that for tanks >18" tall, you really NEED the higher intensity of MH or PC lighting to get good growth. I have a hard time accepting this. Say for example you have a 48x24x24" tank (432L or 114gal). Is it possible to have a nice looking, healthy plant tank with just normal 40W T8 fluorescent tubes with plain white plastic reflectors. Say 6 tubes for ~2.1wpg. Can it be done, or do you really NEED MH or PC lighting for tanks this tall? Anyone successfully doing so? The reason I ask is because I would eventually like to upgrade to a larger tank, but PC lighting isn't readily available here and I don't like the look of MH. BTW - I'm not after a high-light tank with 50 different plant species, so would like to use FL if I could. Thanks.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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