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[APD] RE: Darned if you do and darned if you don't

>I'm not suggesting that elevated lighting is right for
>everyone-- It's not. However, please don't knock it
>(read: persuade others not to do it) as it has serious
>advantages for those so inclined to try. 


Umm, I have magical powers of mind control??:-)
hehehhe. I trust those to use their _own_ minds to make a choice. Everyone
has a different goal. I know more than most, that folks are going to do
what they are going to do no matter what I say.  Kids will certainly teach
you that.
They tell me their goal/s, I'll go down that path and help them achieve
their goal, __whatever method they chose__ that's right for them.

I am happy to entertain ideas/concepts without fully accepting them.

I suggest you review my advice over the years and take a look, I help folks
with non CO2/CO2 high/low light, rich, poor substrates, UG filters, a ton
of species, all sorts of hair brain nutrient mixes you name it. Even if
they do not want to go to a full blown plant tank, they simply want to
reduce some nutrients etc for their fish only tank without much trouble.
RO's/PO4/K/Tap water/hard/soft water issues or NH4 causing algae blooms,
you name it.

I see folks almost every day try and talk others into high light or CO2
Sometimes I'm with the crowd sometimes not. Depends on the person 's goal.
Are those folks in need of a spanking for trying to tell folks to do that?
 Catch 22. 
Do folks that tell people that they need CO2 and high light deserve the
same paddling?
You can push any method, I push one this week, next week I'll explore the
benefits of another. 
You seem to think I have some agenda, well I do, plants for every and any
Low maintenace, high maintenace, CO2/non CO2/ Saltwater, pond, lake, river,
the Aquatic plant graden instead of the Rose garden on the Whitehouse lawn.

Many new folks often do not keep up with pruning etc, lower light tanks are
more forgiving. I have no issue standing behind it, Karen, George have said
it, many others. You act like I'm the only person saying this. George
suggested it also. Where's that plant paddle?:-)
George B. Steve P. and I have gone round after round over substrates. All
in good fun. 
They have nice tanks too even with different methods. 

>Kindest wishes,
>John Wheeler

John, I have 6 watt/gal tanks along with my 2w/gal and my non CO2 tanks
side by side not to mentioned SW plant tanks.
I also have as much natural ecosystem with plants in the wild as I can
stand both FW and SW.

Just this month earlier we were talking about slower growing less water
changes, dosing etc and all this about hassling with pruning these plants
etc, now if I suggest a way to get around that issue, then the fast growing
high light folks come along and assume I'm capping on their methods.

I play all sides of the fence with the methods and few many folks here
don't even do like salt. I like methods and use them _all_.
As far as "richer substrates being all the rage", well, I was suggesting
adding peat and mulm for a while. Nothing new there.
What about adding jobes to the substrate? That was the same thing except
for one problem that caused algae, NH4/urea.
I've been adding peat for many years. 

If you like the work, go for it. I have my weeks were I like to work my
tanks. But not everyone is like you either:)
I like all the methods, not JUST ONE METHOD. I do hope you understand.

I am not trying to "Shoehorn" any one method on anyone, I am showing folks
that it can be done a number of ways and methods depending on their goal to
a high level of success.Yes, I'll discuss one method in depth and give some
ideas about it.

Your suggestion that I'm "shoehorning" people to "my way" or something is a
Everyone has an opinion and a goal, I try to help people achieve that goal
by what ever method they want to get there. 
If it's just _one step_ or an entire path they are interested in, I'll help

 If they want to try  a richer substrate(really doesn't seem that rich to
me) with high light and run the "water column lean", this is nothing new
John, I'll help and have if that is the person's goals. It's something I've
done to a high level as well but I know why it works. A number of folks did
this 5-10 years ago in the bay area. They used a little less in the
substrate and a little more in the water column but the amount of nutrients
over all is the same, so were the results. There is some variation to where
you put your nutrients that will work best but it's not radically different
from what I've seen. 
I will say the more you know, the more the methods all seem much more
similar than different.

If you want to poo poo on me about some agenda I have personally that's
fine, you are not first nor will be the last, but careful how it reflects
back on you.

I jokingly called a poster a "stooge", there were smiles behind it the
whole way down:)
My intent: Ever heard of the THREE stooges?:-) I mean who even calls anyone
a stooge anymore except in reference to that?
Being a boss's stooge is joke, he obviously has a great relationship with
the boss and the boss likes plants. That's way cool, I'm just razzing
him/slightly jealous. Most here would be jealous.  Nothing more. If he felt
like it was unclear, I'd be glad say "sorry, I was kidding, I was too
crass/ in poor taste ". I like to be joking and jibbing eachother. There is
no malice. Why would you assume this about me? Why would I help people out
all over about plants if I was that way?

See humor in those _you know_ rather than spite. That's a good piece of
advice no matter what you think about plants. You'll be a happier person.
Maybe you don't want to be happy, I dunno, but you can keep that
attitude/bad energy. 

I'm not very serious and type behind a keyboard can be misleading and not
communicate everything in the person's intent. I apologized for that if I
come across that way which is bound to happen at some point.

Darned if you, darned if you don't.

Tom Barr


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