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Re: [APD] Re: RE: Gloss must have high light? Or: Are you nuts?

According to the folks at Tropica, Tom is right, CO2
benefits plants whether you have high or low light levels.
See, for example,, got to
"Aquaristic", select "The Biology of Water Plants", select
"CO2 and light stimulate the growth - part 3".

A a general rule, between CO2 and high light levels, if
you're going to add one and not the other, it's probably
best to add the CO2 rather than high (as opposed to low)
light levels.

The benefit from adding CO2 is almost a great as going from
low to high light, but CO2 doesn't seem to help the algae
-- in fact, as it helps the plants flourish, it helps to
avoid algae problems.

Scott H.
--- Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
> . . . So basicaly elevated C02 levels make up for low
> levels. Never tried
> that.  

S. Hieber

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