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RE: [APD] Lilaeopsis Blues :(

Hi C

I also live in SA! As no one else really responded I will try and help you. I am no T Barr or other guru but here goes.

First off I don't like your substrate. I don't know what Barr's methods are so there I am a bit lost. I am assuming it is the normal trace element mix with a substrate enhancer every so often. Anyway I noticed in my case that a sub par substrate hindered the growth of a great many plants that I was attempting to grow. I started plants here in SA long before you could get any laterite anywhere. So I used soil. In the recent past I have tried laterite and in my case the soil tanks are far better. Laterite is over priced and not necessary in the least.

When I put proper substrate in my tanks I could grow anything including the plant you mention. If you live in Gauteng washed red soil like we have everywhere here is rich in iron and works like a charm in a planted. Next I would like to comment on the light. You have a tall tank with I presume cool white globes? Those power savers that last forever?? Lots of watts but poor quality light especially where you need it so low down. 

As I said I am no guru but those are the two areas I would look at. If you like you can mail me off list.


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