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Re: [APD] Re: light intensity issues

I have a 125g with barely over 2wpg. peat and sand substrate. no co2 added. heavily stocked. i have more swords than i know what to do with. Crypt wendtii's getting 6-20" (so much for a foreground plant :-S ) the growth is awesome. Sure i prune every week or later, (so call me lazy), but things are flourishing and looking awesome. dwarf lilies are dividing..rotala is spreading in all directions...I know i have too many species of plants in that tank... but they *all* are thriving. I'm thrilled. I also don't have a problem with ANY algae in that tank.

honestly i'm thrilled what i'm learning about glosso.. i've wanted it ever since i saw it, and the fact that i stand a good chance of growing it in my tank thrills me (especially since the crypts are going up up up. I shall put some in my tank as soon as i can get some and see how it does. And what do you bet Tom is right?

Don't disqualify low-tech tanks. When working to set my 125g up, info was scarce, everyone said you needed high ligh and co2 and this and that. I couldn't wing the lighting and co2 unit, i bought my plants with the bits of advise i could find on the archives and the krib. If someone had told me what Tom is saying now, i would have loved it. This is an issue that needs addressing. Imagine being able to have a healthy growing beautiful big planted tank on a limited budget?

John Wheeler wrote:

Hey gang,

Tom Barr offers:

Or be willing to pay the price of the ticket.
Less light should be the trend hopefully, 1.5-3w

Why on Earth would we do that?

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