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[APD] Re: glosso and less light is most often better for the longterm

My 240 gallon had 3.9 watts/gallon of Metal Halide lighting, and I had the
worst time with algae. I originally thought the watts/gallon was less, but
when I calculated the actual volume of water in the tank receiving light, it
was much less (180 gallons). So my light intesity was much higher than I had
thought. The tank seemed impossible to stabilize regarding algae.

I removed one of the four halide lights, and now have 2.9 watts/gallon. I
don't have an algae problem in this tank now. Things still grow very well,
but not quite as fast. My glosso carpets the bottom and stays low, except in
shaded areas. I just removed a 2 foot x 1 foot solid mat that was 4-5 layers

Lately I have put some algae covered plants from a new tank into the 240 to
give that FFFs and SAEs a treat now that they don't have much to eat in the

The best thing I did in this tank was to lower my light intensity. That one
thing makes the whole tank easier to manage, IMO.


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