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[APD] cabomba

I recently got back into the aquarium hobby after being absent from it for a long time. I set up a 50 gallon tank that I want to use mainly as a planted tank with a few fish (Angles,neons,etc.).The tank is up and running, recently establish after 4 weeks from startup. I have a undergravel filter that is ran with 2 powerheads. I have 2 40w G.E. full spectrum florescent tubes, that I keep on around 12-14 hrs a day. A run a co2 system using the fermentation method. My ph is 7.4 which is the lowest it has been since startup. I haven't been able to get it any lower, I think that it is due to the fact that my tap water is in the high 7's to low 8's. Everything that I have in the tank is growing. I have 5 dwarf sag's, 3 cyrpts, 1 melon sword, moneywort, lugiwia rep., cabomba, 1 banana, & what the store called mondo grass, and I think a purple wenge(I think that what it is called it is big leaved green on top bright purple on the bottom. My problem that I am having is that my plants aren't as green as I would like. Especially my cabomba the new growth on the plants is a yellowish green color. Its growing good but it just isn't as green as the old growth at the bottom . the bottom is a very deep green and that what I want. some of my other plants could be greener as well. But mostly it's just the cabomba that I don't like the color of. Everything is growing the cabomba has sent out some roots off of the cuttings.
the banana has sprouted a new leaf and sent out roots. and the mondo grass as well. any thought and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
thank you
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