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[APD] re: Etching (polycarbonate, tank lids)

Scott H. wrote:
> Ribs? Can you elaborate?

Multiwall polycarbonate consists of two or more thin sheets of polycarbonate 
joined by ribs of the same material running the length of the sheets.  It is 
typically used in greenhouses, because the dead air space between the two 
sheets acts as an insulator.  My greenhouse has 8mm twinwall (2 layers with 
an 8 mm air space), but 6mm twinwall and 10 mm triplewall is also available.

The polycarbonate is fairly rigid along the axis perpendicular to the ribs 
but flexes easily parallel to the ribs.  It can be cut easily with a utility 
knife (parallel to ris) or a keyhole saw (across the ribs).

Nicholas Plummer
nickplummer at att_net
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