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[APD] Algaeometer

Hi, all. I am using the "Barr method" with good results in my 29 gallon tank. As my tank has changed I have seen many different algaes pop up. I started with BBA, then it went to a green, fluffy algae. Filamentous algaes slowly took over and finally BGA and Green Water moved in. With each new algae I noticed the older algaes disappear.

That, along with my playing with nutrient dosing has led me to wonder if algaes can be used as a method for dosing. In other words, is there any correlation between alga species and nutrient imbalance?

For example, if one has BBA does it mean that Nitrates or Phosphates are too low or too high? I know Tom keeps hammering home that excessive nutrients do not cause algae, but then I wonder what does? Does an imbalance of nutrients cause it? If all nutrients are available in excess of the plant's needs, but still in balance with one another that keeps the algaes under control, as proven by the "Barr Method". However, if one doesn't dose correctly (i.e. too much /too little KNO3 or KH2PO4) then I am guessing algae will result. Which brings me back to my original question: can we judge how correct our nutrient balance is by the resulting algae, and to be more specific, can we judge specific nutrient excesses/deficincies by the TYPE of alga present?

Maybe Im way off, but I doubt that the appearance of algaes is as chaotic as it seems.

Hoping I'm not waaaay out there,

Reggie Bustinza

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