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[APD] Re: Excessive Humidity

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004 07:41:38 -0600, Steven Pituch <spituch at ev1_net> wrote:

This is a very interesting situation. Fortunately you dealt with the
problem immediately to avoid further complications. Here in Texas, many
homes have mold problems similar to what you had, but they let it go on for
many years. It is estimated that 80% of the homes in Corpus Christi have
malfunctioning, or mismatched AC systems which can easily cause mold to

In Britain, most houses don't have air-conditioning. It's quite rare for homes here. Generally we tend to live in brick houses though, and TV (the most unreliable source of information in the world) tends to suggest that you (by which I am referring to citizens of the U.S.A.) live in wooden houses. We just have a central heating boiler and radiators in most rooms. Some have thermostats, but most just run off timers. The idea of buying humidifiers or dehumidifiers seems a bit, well, American to me (although I do not pretend to represent the UK here). It doesn't get that cold here or too hot, though, (and here comes the link which keeps this on-topic) and so I can't see many people in Britain needing chillers for anything larger than a very small tank (although my 6g goldfish tank went up to about 27C at one point, they were fine though). It Building regulations here require new buildings to be insulated fully to quite stringent regulations, and the large amounts of brickwork tends to act as a good thermal sink. Does _every_ house in the USA have air-conditioning? That explains the energy-use per head that climate change activists are always quoting...

Now I shall repeat to myself:
Talk about plants, talk about plants, talk about plants...

PS what sort of a stocking level (light, medium, heavy or overstocked) would people say 15 cardinal tetras, 6 otocinclus and 2 angelfish in a 30"x15"x18" about 30 gallon tank is?

Andrew McLeod
thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk

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