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[APD] K and effects

I don't own any test kits so I can't contribute much of value to this discussion except to add my voice as one of those who has experienced stunting in Pogostemon (Eustralis) and various other deficiency symptoms notably yellowing of growing tips of Limnophila fragrans, yellow leaves on Anubius and whitening and stunting of R. macandra. I believe I was/am adding sufficient traces but I was dosing K+ as K2SO4 and as KNO3 and a little as K2O in a something called PK13-14 which is 13% P2O5 and 14% K2O in solution. Tapwater readings provided by the local council are Ca hardness 58 mg/l and Mg hardness 56 mg/l and K+ is 3.7 mg/l. I know I have been overdosing K by sometimes around double the rec. levels say 40ppm so I'm gong to try reducing and see if this improves things as others have reported. Other than overdosing K I was keeping pretty much to the estimative index with 50% changes per week. One problem is the variablity of the CO2 supply when the yeast brew wound down. I don't know if any of this helps or furthers the discussion I simply wanted to add another voice as someone experiencing apparent deficiency symptoms in the face of apparently adequate nutrients.

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