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[APD] Glass Etchings and other things viewed in the light

One solution to glass etching is to not worry about it too
much. Now that we find out that our 3 and 4 wpg setups have
too much light -- and with etched glass we lose light -- I
figure we're doing just fine. ;-)

I also figure the cost of silicone and the time it takes to
spread it on glass is worth as much or more as the price of
the replacement glass. And I don't have to try to clean
that stuff off my fingers. ;-)

And now I'm wondering if the K (potassium chloride) that
old Uncle Granville uses as a table salt substitute is
interfering with his Ca (Tums) uptake. I'm watching out to
see if he starts to look burnt around the edges or showing
spots.  ;-)

December and January have been a couple of really fun and
interesting months on APD. Maybe folks are still "pumped
up" from the AGA convention. Maybe it's just the holidays.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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