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Re: [APD] RE: Etching (polycarbonate, tank lids)

Ribs? Can you elaborate?

Polycarbonate is indeed durable. Put it in a vise and grab
the free end with a pair of vise grips and try to bend and
snap the sheet -- you can bend it al the way back on itself
and it won't break apart. Standard acrylic, cast or
extruded snaps easily when bent.

Scott H.
--- Eric Wahlig <ewahlig at earthlink_net> wrote:
> I've gone to using thin wall polycarbonate sheeting for
> tank lids. Its very
> light and is unbreakable although you loose some light
> transmission going
> through two layers of plastic (they claim 80% light
> transmissivity for 6mm
> thick sheet). I Don't know about etching because I've
> only had these in
> service for 6 months or so but I like this stuff. I can
> drop it, kick it,
> whatever, its durable. Best of all if something happens
> to it or (more
> likely ) I want to move the filter location, I just cut
> another piece to
> fit. No more etching problems, cracked glass, lids that
> fall apart, having
> to buy new back strips, etc. Also, I haven't detected any
> warping problems
> yet. If you are going to get some then make sure the ribs
> run the long
> dimension of the tank. I'll have to do some load testing
> to see how much
> weight it will bear.

S. Hieber

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