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[APD] RE: Etching (polycarbonate, tank lids)

I've gone to using thin wall polycarbonate sheeting for tank lids. Its very
light and is unbreakable although you loose some light transmission going
through two layers of plastic (they claim 80% light transmissivity for 6mm
thick sheet). I Don't know about etching because I've only had these in
service for 6 months or so but I like this stuff. I can drop it, kick it,
whatever, its durable. Best of all if something happens to it or (more
likely ) I want to move the filter location, I just cut another piece to
fit. No more etching problems, cracked glass, lids that fall apart, having
to buy new back strips, etc. Also, I haven't detected any warping problems
yet. If you are going to get some then make sure the ribs run the long
dimension of the tank. I'll have to do some load testing to see how much
weight it will bear.


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