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[APD] A solution for removing water etching on glass tank tops.

Hi everyone,

I got a scratch on the outside of my 240 gallon tank, the result of
something abrasive getting on the felt side of my cleaner magnet. Leave it
to me to get a scratch on the outside!

I checked out the web for scratch removal products and ordered a sample kit
from a company called Janvil.. Result was that my scratch was too deep for
complete removal, but the look was softened somewhat by the product. The
products are marketed towards the Automotive/Glass Display/Mirror
reconditioning market. The sample pack had three products with different
strengths. One a glass cleaner only (Glass Glow), the other a semi polish
(Glass Renew), and the third a scratch remover (Glass Scratch Remover). The
Glass Renew is formulated to remove acid rain spots, which got me

I hadn't thought about the stuff until I read the past few issues of the
Digest containing this Etching thread. I had a single piece of glass that I
had used for a non waterproof PC fixture over a 30 gallon. It had mild
etching, the type of cloudiness that doesn't come off even with a scrubpad.
I tried the Glass renew and it took the etching away. Worked great. Removed
all the etching. And you can use it by hand. The Glass Scratch Remover may
be a bit strong for tank tops. I tried it on a small area of the top and it
left ultra fine scratches that were only visible if you held the glass up to
the light. Glass Renew left no visible scratches when used alone and removed
any fine scratches left by Glass Scratch Remover.

An 8 ounce bottle of the Glass Renew is $10 and would probably last many
years. This is probably suitable for most etching. The only thing we have to
provide is some elbow grease. That is what I would buy for tank top only

The company website is www.janvil.com . Their toll free telephone number is
1-877-4-JANVIL. I couldn't find the $15 three sample pack I bought, so I'd
recommend calling and asking about it if that is what you want. But for tank
top etching removal the Glass Renew is really all you need.

Insert usual disclaimers.


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