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[APD] RE: K+ and Ca++

>Then is possible high K blocks Ca?

Same as high K+ blocks Ca++.
Or high K+ blocks Boron.
Or, or or. 

So why don't we see that also?
I have had very high Ca but no K+ issues.

>>Using more NO3 vs NH4 also helps decrease any higher K+ effect.
>> High temps also were cited for increases in Ca+ blockage.

>I use very ofen NH4 (I know what are you thinking, but I havent algae

Back off the NH4 and switch to NO3 and note any effect.

>But Mg deficiency is more or les simimlar to Fe deficiency (yelowing tips)?

Have you seen Mg deficency in aquatic plants in person?
There is paleness, some "veining" in some species such as Anubias, some tip

> Also, what is the soruce of K+ that folks are using here? KCL or K2SO4?

I my case nitrate and sulfate necver cloride

Same here.
Had nice hard water like yours, no issues, I used the same stuff.

>Myself sugested some  possible relation with B but there are some rechearch
>suporting high K blocks B?


>I thing you have opened a lot of possible explanations, and maybe several
>them work togheter. And Maybe the imbalances K wit Ca or wathever, should
>the explanation the more apropiate

>Antonio Trías

Well, I'm saying that high K+ does not effect, at least 30-40ppm perhaps
50ppm ranges Ca++ uptake.
I know what is NOT happening, but I'm not sure about what IS going on here
with some of these plants folks are talking about. 
I'd add more traces, add NO3, reduce the lighting if someone is having
issues. Less K+ is fine, but the causes for your and a few others(about 4-6
of you are the only ones that have seemed to have had this issue from the
looks of it), is very debateable.

4-6 folks out of thousands is not a "trend" but worth looking into. I have
not seen it ever and cannot reproduce it. 
Some of you have argued like everyone has this problem but I've counted the
people, it's only a few of you that have said anything. 
There may be more, but I have not heard from them. 
Many folks in Asia dose higher K+(20-30ppm) and have low Ca also do not
report these problems with the 3 species of plants that folks here have
complained about stunted tips. Eusteralis, Nesaea, Ammannia.

I do not think it has anything to do with K+ and Ca unless folks are way
over the K+ levels even if YOUR solution to remedy the problem is reduction
in K. 
I don't see it. I can do what the folks have said with the same
plants(Right now with Ammannia) and I'm not seeing this occur. I'm leaving
the Ca alone, keeping it low just prove the point.

Maybe I have magic water:-)
I'll talk about the growth of Ammannia gracilius in about 1.5 weeks. with
high K+(+30ppm). 

Tom Barr

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