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Re: [APD] Metal Halide lights on timers

Oh, one of those, eh?

The fire marshals just hate those ones where the dial
switch is the main switich -- arcing sparking out of the
dial? ;-) .

Sometimes the switches (or relays ;-) )  have a capacitor
in the circuit to prevent or drain the reverse current.
Sometimes these are designed to short the current to
ground, which is a drag because it can trip your GFCI.

--- Rob Fowler <aquaria at sarcanthinae_com> wrote:
> Relay? hehe, that's the up market one. The ones we have
> down here a
> mechanical timer with little plastic pins. These pins
> push a switch. I think
> the reverse current induced by the disconnection of the
> ballast is arcing
> the switch. 

S. Hieber

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