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[APD] Painting an Aquarium Heater

Hi, this is my first time writing to this list, but my girlfriend and I have
a small planted aquarium with a black filter pick-up tube and a clear glass
aquarium heater against a black background.  We just don't like the look of
the glass heater in the background--it stands out too much--and we really
don't feel like rigging some sort of artificial "stump" in the corner to
hide the heater.  So we're thinking of painting it if it doesn't cause too
many problems.  

Has anyone ever tried taking the heater out, painting it and putting it back
in once it has been painted?  Of course we'd clean it well and make sure it
would be thoroughly dry.  I'm just wondering if it would do anything
dangerous to the fish, or if it would flake off the heater and cause

Thoughts?  Thanks!

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