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[APD] Please offer suggestions for my 29 gallong plan

Hey All,

New to this list and setting up my first "legit" planted tank.

My goal is to create a lush, green effect as a backdrop for a large school of 
cardinal tetras.  I would be very very appreciative if any of you can give me 
feedback on my plans thus far.

I bought a 29 gallon seachem off of ebay and wanted some feedback on my 
tentative plan.


the tank comes with an AHS retro miro 1x55 watt kit.  This doesn't quite give 
me 2 watts per gallon. my question is are there plants that can give me the 
desired effect [ lush full  and green, few empty spaces] with this relatively 
low wattage?


I am prepared to spring for 40lbs of ecocomplete.  I hear its great stuff.  
In your opinion is that enough or do I need to add something to the ecocomplete?


I would like to keep the water very soft and acid for the fish.. are there 
plants that do extremely well with a 6.5 PH?  I read here and there about plants 
that tolerate a low PH but what about thrive in soft acid water?


I found an eheim 2213 for about 70 bucks new from an auction and I thought 
this might be a good way to go .. l was told that cannister filters are the way 
to go in planted tanks because they don't turb off the C02.


I am hoping and praying that I don't have to buy a high tech C02 system to 
get the effects I want.  I do have a hagen nutra grow on a small tank that seems 
to help the plants I have in it..crypts and dwarf sag... etc.. but the 
manufacturer says that is only effective for aquariums up to 20 gallons.  I suppose 
I could just buy another one and hopefully that would cover it.

Any thoughts or suggestions from this list are very much appreciated,

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