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[APD] Re: the problem with using silicone to cover the glass

* From: Joey Choochootrain <hubbahubbahehe at yahoo_com>
ok the problem i see with using silicone to cover the glass and prevent etching is that it is darn hard to get a thin, even film over the glass.... I've used it over leaks and boy that stuff sticks and gets everywhere and you can have a real mess....

if i recall correctly you say to dab it around with your fingers?? it's tricky to smooth it out and time it right before it hardens..... and so doing it with a razor blade seems difficult.. could you elaborate more on your method?

I put on scattered dabs straight from the tube of silicon and then spread the dabs over the surface of the glass with my fingers, spreading them out as thin as I can. Then I drag the single edge razor blade over the silicone to smooth out the ridges and irregularities on the surface of the silicone. The motion with the razor blade is similar to the motion you would use with a paint brush. I still get lines the width of the razor blade, but overall the silicon is smoothed out quite a bit. The only reason to try to smooth it out is to get the best possible light transmission.

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