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[APD] RE: high K+ test

> >  The main problem is I cant measure exactly my nutrients
> > levels, then I,m blind :-(. I,m tryng to know WHY happens not HOW to
> avoid.
> > ;-)
> Yes, I think that is a clear distinction.
> Although I may not have a problem, nor be able to reproduce it, I know you
> folks ARE HAVING issues and less K+ seems to be reducing the problem.
> > Which other nutrient than Ca can produce distorted grow? Boron? Another
> > explantation possible beside nutrients uptake?
> > Best Regards
> > Antonio Trías
> Well, I think deficiencies based on agricultural crops is not a bad place
> to start, but other types of deficencies and __excess__ levels may cause
> problems with these less studied and obscure aquatic plants.
> All concentrations nutrients have deficient and excess toxic levels for
> plants/critters/bacteria.
> That being said, I'm still wondering why I do not see it and haven't for
> over 8 or so years I've been using K+. There's not much in the literature
> specific to this issue with aquatic plants, nor anything that clear in
> terrestrial system except that the problem in removed when there's enough
> Ca and something to stabilize the pH(Generally from CaCO3, lime
> etc).
> Adding K+ has been shown to reduce Na+ stress in plants.
> But folks have said they still have this issue when they have hard tap
> water.
> Generally with harder tap water, you add more traces.
> So .......
> We can act like Plant Physiologist and pour chemicals on plants and see
> what happens but it'll take a long time and lots of destroyed plants to
> figure out some of the possible effects. Even then, we may not get to the
> bottom of it.
> I'll keep looking and various databases, but I'm not that confident we
> find a definitive answer with K+, few study this nutrient in aquatic
> systems in terms of excess toxicity.
> For now, I think suggesting using KNO3 only for most CO2 enriched tanks(No
> extra K+ from KCl/K2SO4), REDUCE the recommended levels down to 10-15ppm
> which is plenty for plants.
> I'll try a high K+ dose at 30ppm on my Ammannia for two weeks and see.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

Thank you for your try. I will hope you will be succesful to see "this" K

Antonio Trías

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