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[APD] Re: silicone film over glass cover to prevent etching

* From: Joey Choochootrain <hubbahubbahehe at yahoo_com>
I like the idea of this. sounds good. let me ask you all this.. how bout using saran wrap to cover the bottom of the glass cover so as to prevent etching... would that work as well??

The only problem that I could foresee is it getting so extremely hot from a power compact hood... perhaps melting??? or fusing with the glass over time???

The silicone is, I think, more durable and more permanent. A saran wrap cover might have to be replaced now and then if it develops holes or wrinkles a lot and reflects light. If it fused with the glass, that would be OK, as long as it stays clear. As long as the saran wrap cover keeps the water from contacting the glass, It should prevent etching. I don't think there is anything potentially toxic that could leach from saran wrap.

Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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