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RE: [APD] Re:Deposit or Etching?

There is a product called "clear TANK" which is applied to aquarium
walls and is alleged (by the manufacturers) to reduce or eliminate the
need for cleaning. To quote their site, "clear TANK? provides your
aquarium tank walls with a durable transparent coating with similar
characteristics as is found on non-stick cookware."

I have not used the product, but reading this thread made me wonder
whether something like this might be helpful in cutting down on the
deposits on tank covers. The website is www.cleartank.com.

Just a thought, for whatever it's worth....

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>So what do I do now? I think that is what has happened on my top glass.

I have had a big problem with etching and redepositing of silica on 
my top covers.  I need the top covers to keep from losing CO2 
rapidly.  I was thinking of putting some kind of clear acrylic or 
epoxy coating on the tank covers, but John T. Fitch suggested that I 
try a thin coating of silicone.  That seemed like the best idea to me 
because I know that aquarium silicone is inert and does not have 
anything that might be poisonous.  I have tried the silicone, and it 
works well and hardly reduces the light coming through at all.  I 
clean and dry the glass thoroughly,  dab on little bits of silicone, 
spread them out as much as possible with my finger tips, and then 
smooth the surface with a single edge razor blade.   The etching and 
redepositing of silica is entirely prevented, and deposits from tank 
water that splashes up on the bottom of the cover and dries out can 
be cleaned off with some soap solution and a cloth. 

I have had five tank covers with silicone coatings for two years now, 
and no problems have developed.  The silicone does not come off, and 
it can be kept clean. 

Paul Krombholz in cool, sunny, central Mississippi
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