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Re: [APD] Open Top Aquariums

>>> As much as I like open top aquariums they aren't very popular overall. I
>>> bet at least 98% of aquariums are purchased with cover glasses.

>> Out of curiosity, what's the humidity like in your area?  Evaporation
>> isn't the only concern. I'd absolutely love an open-top aquarium and in
>> summer it would be no problem, but here in Chicago in the winter *I* dry
>> out, nevermind the plants.  My current glass top doesn't entirely cover
>> the tank and occasionally some plant peeps out through the gap.  It
>> doesn't take long at all before the exposed leaves start turning brown 
>> and crispy.

>How much humidity does an open-topped aquarium release in terms of room 
>comfort? I'm not sure I like the idea of turning my house into a tropical

I have no idea.  In the winter with the heat going on it would take a
whole slew more aquariums than I have to raise the humidity appreciably. 
Although, right now the thought of tropical sogginess has a certain


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