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RE: [APD] Potted Plants/Steve's Planted Aquaria Room

Steve, what a deal: windows on 3 sides! You could grow any number of
in that room. Talk about ideal crosslight. The MH pendants that are
like they would blend with the rest if you could paint them white (with a
heat-resistant paint). If you like them that way, please excuse my
Really like the fluorescent light box in white, doesn't detract from the
tanks at
all. Also having switches to each fixture is handy to attenuate the light in
looks like a brightly-lit room during the day. I'm going to home depot
tomorrow to
check on those switches and the 6500K bulbs you mentioned.

I've gotten out of growing many of the houseplants I had in the 70's and
but some standouts include: Foxtail fern (A. meyerii) would be great growing
a shelf behind a tank, dwarf palm (neanthe bella), pygmy date palm (phoenix
cycad or sego palm, all kinds of different philodendrons, monstera, ficus,
could grow
on top of the tank and cascade down--all grow great in good, indirect light.
I never
had much luck with boston and whitman ferns, but they might work for the
greener thumb.
My 2c worth.

Thanks for sharing these photos, Steve,


Actually many plants we use in the aquarium grow pretty well terrestrially.
I am growing Ammannia, and Alternanthera in a flower box on my window sill.
If yours is an open top tank imagine growing alternanthera reineckii
submerged until it forms an emergent mass that merges with the terrestrial
reineckii planted in the soil around the tank edge.  That would be pretty
cool.  When you need some more stock for the tank, you can just take it from
the potted plants and plant it in the substrate.  I have been thinking of
hanging boxes along the back edge of my tanks to grow plants.  Karen Randall
used a shelf in back of the tank.  I'm sure she can give you a list of some
nice potted plants.    Karen?

Steve Pituch

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