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[APD] Potted Plants

Matt said:
>I am considering flanking my 90g tank with some potted plants -- I think
>it might make the tank area look nicer. I don't know ANYTHING about
>houseplants though...

Actually many plants we use in the aquarium grow pretty well terrestrially.
I am growing Ammannia, and Alternanthera in a flower box on my window sill.
If yours is an open top tank imagine growing alternanthera reineckii
submerged until it forms an emergent mass that merges with the terrestrial
reineckii planted in the soil around the tank edge.  That would be pretty
cool.  When you need some more stock for the tank, you can just take it from
the potted plants and plant it in the substrate.  I have been thinking of
hanging boxes along the back edge of my tanks to grow plants.  Karen Randall
used a shelf in back of the tank.  I'm sure she can give you a list of some
nice potted plants.    Karen?

Steve Pituch

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