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Re: [APD] Deposit or Etching? -- or - Burning to see the light

If it's really bad, you might consider just replacing it.
If it has a hinge and the hinge is in good shape, then you
can jsut replace the glass and reuse the hinge.  

The glass you can get at any glass shop and it won't cost
much. You can buy replacment hinges from the maker or from
AllGlass and some lfss carry them or will order them.  

Either way, that would proably still be cheaper than buying
a new top glass as a whole unit -- but those aren't
terribly expensive either.

BTW, Wright wasn't kidding when he said hydrofluoric acid
is not safe to use -- My understanding is that hydrofluoric
acid is not for amateurs -- much more dangerous than
hydrochloric acid. Specialized medical treatment is
necessary to treat exposure.

Here's a nice little bit about the stuff:

Even more awful stuff can be found here:

Buying new glass is probably cheaper than buying any acid
stronger than vinegar anyhow.

Good luck, 
Scott H.
--- Rachel Sandage <rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Wright Huntley wrote, in part,
> "Please note that some deposits are not. The distilled
> water that can
> condense on the cover glass and above the water line is
> highly solvent,
> and can actually dissolve the glass, leaving a whitish
> etch that looks
> just like a deposit. No acid will really cure that.
> [Hydrofluoric will
> smooth it, but it is *really* unsafe to use. :-)]"
> So what do I do now? I think that is what has happened on
> my top glass.

S. Hieber

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