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[APD] FW: Vallsneria identification

sorry if this message comes through twice. Didn't seem to work the first
time I tried.

Subject: Vallsneria identification

I have two types of vallisneria in my tank which were given to me some time
back. One grows very tall and ends up floating across the surface of the
water. The leaves would be about 3/8th"wide and slightly twisted or
corkscrew style. The second plant is much shorter about 8" high (have had
this plant for about 12 months) and the leaves are about the same width as
the taller plant, but are much more twisted.

I'm thinking the taller is Vallisneria gigantea however someone told me that
the gigantea leaves would be much wider than mine are. It was suggested to
me that the tall plant was Vallisneria americana however in a plant book I
have by Peter Hiscock it identifies americana as Dwarf val and the
description seems to fit my smaller plant.

I have done some research and needless to say there is a variety of
descriptions for Vallisneria americana from short to very long to corkscrew
to completely straight. Anyone want to take a shot at this based on my



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