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[APD] Re: Nerite Snails....problems with K2SO4?

Where did you get your K2SO4? If it's low grade quality, then it could possibly be some impurity that is giving the snails problems rather that the potassium itself. Just a thought.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

> Hiya....
> I added some potassium sulphate for first time to my tank in order 
> to raise 
> K to about 10-20 ppm per Chuck Gadds calculator.  A few hours 
> later , I 
> noticed all my Nerite snails are very unhappy...lying on bottom, 
> not moving. 
>   If I take them out and put in water without K2SO4, they 
> recover....put 
> them back into tank, and they get unhappy again.
> All other tank parameters are A-OK...ph=6.7, ammonia zero, nitites 
> zero, 
> nitrates 10 ppm.
> Anyone else have this kind of problem with Nerite snails after 
> adding 
> potassium sulphate?
> Thanks
> Lorenzo Rota
> Santa Cruz, CA

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