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[APD] Re: K+/Ca++ and Na+

My tap water is very soft, so I adjust it up to GH 8 KH 5 with CaCl2, epsom salts and NaHCO3. I notice some slightly distorted growth in my amazon swords, not too severe though, but it was much worse before I started adding CaCl2.

I'm wondering if sodium would have an agonistic effect with potassium in inhibiting calcium uptake? As I'm adding baking soda to raise KH, my sodium levels are also raised around 35ppm Na. Potassium I guestimate at around 30-40ppm (I'm thinking about reducing my K2SO4 dosage), calcium around 45ppm. Also, I have no idea if the water company do any treatment that might add more sodium to the water (but they do set an upper guideline of 180ppm). So should sodium also be a consideration as well as potassium when looking for causes of distroted growth? (My trace mix contains Boron, so I doubt this has anything to do with the slightly distorted growth).

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