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[APD] Re: plant filters/removing NO3

Ron Barter writes:
"If you are having trouble finding C. pteroides, Hydrocotyle leucocephala,
or pennywort, is another great plant that will really suck up the NO3 when
allowed to grow floating. It's easy to grow, and according to Tropica, you
can eat it!"

True, but C. pteridoides is a much more useful plant from a food
perspective than H. leucocephala.

C. pteridoides tastes much like Romaine lettuce, and can be used as the
base green in salads. It's also good in sandwiches, or pretty much anywhere
else one might use lettuce.

H. leucocephala is a much stronger flavor. You can use it in the blender to
make a traditional Thai drink, or use it in certain Asian dishes, but you
kind of have to go out of your way to make something with it.

Especially for someone who harvests a lot of plants out of their tanks, C.
pteridoides is probably the better choice. I especially like it with bleu
cheese dressing.

(In case anyone is wondering, absolutely none of this message was meant to
be funny. I'm totally serious, and I really do eat C. pteridoides from my

- Jim

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