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[APD] Re: plant filters/removing NO3

 Hi Phil,

    If you are having trouble finding C. pteroides, Hydrocotyle
leucocephala, or pennywort, is another great plant that will really suck up
the NO3 when allowed to grow floating. It's easy to grow, and according to
Tropica, you can eat it!

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario


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> Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 16:58:02 -0800
> From: Phil Bunch <pbunch at cox_net>
> Subject: RE: [APD] RE: plant filters/removing NO3
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> Tom:
> There are several species of water sprite, I'm assuming you are referring
> to Ceratopteris. From what you said it sounds like C. pteroides might be
> the species of choice. I have noticed in searching for information on these
> plants that they are often suggested for soft, acidic to neutral water.
> Would there be much of a difference between species? BTW, not being
> familiar with water sprite I got what is locally sold under this name,
> Hygrophila difformis. For some reason I had never liked it much but now
> seeing it in the tank I think I'll keep it.
> Phil Bunch
>> Phil, you need water sprite etc, not a submersed plant.Without CO2/good
>> light and decent conditions, a few submersed plants seldom do much NO3
>> removal.

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