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RE: [APD] Wave maker -- or - Keeping Current on The Flow of Ideas

I do not disagree.

A great alternative to the wavemakers that work by
switching the electrical current on/off is the relatively
new device branded as "SCWD." This device switches the
water current between two outlets. It can run on a single
pump (and accepts a wide varitety of flow rates). I've had
one running for several months without a hitch.

One use for device like this is to get circulation in a
large tank with a smaller pump than might otherwise be
necessary -- basically, the pump only needs to circulate
water in half the tank at a time. the switching cycle is
rapid enough that the off period is inconsequential.

Scott H.
--- Paul Gray <PGRAY at websoft_co.za> wrote:
> I am aware that good circulation is not wave maker
> dependant. However a little experimentation can't hurt:-)
> I have some really old powerheads. They have been running
> on this wave maker for about 4 years so far, if I keep
> them well 'oiled' they are fine. It should be fun to see
> what happens at any rate.
> Thanks for the input.

S. Hieber

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