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[APD] RE: DIY Caldophora balls


The species of the balls commonly sold it likely different than what you
have growing on the the wood. It might be another genus called
Dicotomosiphon has been a nice alga for growing on wood mainly.

The species that grows into balls can be sexually reproduced by adding a
fair amount of NH4 to the water(without fish) and the spores will settle
onto gravel,. pumps, equipment and such and can be pesky even.
These juveniles are not in the same form as the balls unless you move them
constantly. They are more like long beards that don't cause issues once all
the spores have grown out. 

There are several Salt water versions of Ball forming algae, I have a
couple of those.
The formation of ball algae is not unique by any means FYI.

If you'd like to see some in nature, the Florida plant fest SW version will
stop of and look for a few species of ball formers in the Keys in FL this
June on the way out to a reef.

Tom Barr  

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