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[APD] RE: plant filters/removing NO3

> > Well if you do regular large weekly water changes, add a few floating
> > plants like water sprite, you'll never have this problem. Add the mulm
> > start off with and be done with it.So what if you have BGA spores in 
> there?
> > You can turn the light off for 3 days since it's not a plant tank etc.
> > Some floating plants in breeding tanks, fish only tanks is a good idea
> > generally.
> > If you want, you can add Peace lilies etc to the filter section for a 
> plant
> > filter.
> Ok. I added 6 bunches of Hygrophila difformis in this 60-gallon tank. I 
> guess I'll be giving it away soon but if it helps reduce the time before 
> fish can comfortable live in the tank I'll be very happy. It also looks 
> pretty nice :-) About how long does it take for the plants to pull the 
> nitrogenous species out of the water column? I know this depends on 
> variables but let's say the temp is around 80 F; light is adequate, NO2 
> around 3 ppm, NO3 around 50 ppm, GH about 125, KH 340, and low levels of 
> Kent Freshwater Plant Supplement have been added.
> Phil Bunch

Phil, you need water sprite etc, not a submersed plant.Without CO2/good
light and decent conditions, a few submersed plants seldom do much NO3
A water change of 50% will help, weekly. Adding the water sprite is better
since it does not need any CO2 or extra light being a floating plant. It
also blocks the light of the algae. It can grow in most folk's tanks easily.
If you want good NO3 removal etc, water sprite is pretty easy. Plant
filters will do well for any tank needing NO3 removal if that os your goal.
Plant filters can remove the need for water changes in tanks if set up

I know of one instance where the person had a plant filter and Bred Discus
in the tank, without doing any water changes for 2 years. 
I think water changeas are good, but you can set up a plant filter or have
floating plants do a lot of the work if you want.

Tom Barr  

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