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RE: [APD] two external filters and water circulation -- or -Points onPointing

answers below:
>-Gustavo wrote:
>Scott, Bill,
>thanks for the tips.
>In fact, here in Rio we don't have to worry about heating ... in fact it's
>just the opposite: I had to mount a CPU cooler in top of tank to prevent
>overheating in summer, when temperatures rise up to 42 degrees Centrigade
>Well, about the circulation, my problem is that I don´t have room enough
>put the filters in the corners, as my new wood cover don't have a good
>opening, leaving space to the two filters, side-by-side.
>My filters are two Whisper 10, UGF, and I have a planted tank with DIY CO2
>injection, daily PMDD dosing and 52 Watts of lighting, for a 63 L
>Are you trying to align the output of these filters over riser tubes to
>UGF for reverse-flow? It's your call, but the UGF is taking up valuable
>real estate in the small tank that could be used for more sustrate or ummm
>water. The nice new wood hood....you didn't chop down part of the
>for a rosewood one, did you? I'm only half-kidding, just half. Could you
>perhaps cut openings in the back to accomodate these filters, or would
>weaken the hood too much? Curious.
>in chilly Northern Alabama where it has risen to 20F

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