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RE: [APD] two external filters and water circulation -- or -Points onPointing

-Gustavo wrote:

Scott, Bill,
thanks for the tips.
In fact, here in Rio we don't have to worry about heating ... in fact it's
just the opposite: I had to mount a CPU cooler in top of tank to prevent
overheating in summer, when temperatures rise up to 42 degrees Centrigade
Well, about the circulation, my problem is that I don´t have room enough to
put the filters in the corners, as my new wood cover don't have a good back
opening, leaving space to the two filters, side-by-side.
My filters are two Whisper 10, UGF, and I have a planted tank with DIY CO2
injection, daily PMDD dosing and 52 Watts of lighting, for a 63 L aquarium.

Are you trying to align the output of these filters over riser tubes to the
UGF for reverse-flow? It's your call, but the UGF is taking up valuable
real estate in the small tank that could be used for more sustrate or ummm
water. The nice new wood hood....you didn't chop down part of the rainforest
for a rosewood one, did you? I'm only half-kidding, just half. Could you
perhaps cut openings in the back to accomodate these filters, or would that
weaken the hood too much? Curious.

in chilly Northern Alabama where it has risen to 20F

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