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[APD] RE: K+/Ca++

> From: Ghazanfar Ghori <ghori at ghori_net>
> Currently I'm using a 10:1:10 N:P:K ratio that seems to work

This should very well work out fine.
Even if the ratio is perfectly matched for N:P, the relative impact of P
relative to plant growth is nowhere near as problematic with N.
So running out of PO4 for a little while is fine. 
The K+ is in excess by roughly 50% which should account for slight water
change build ups and plant differences that might perefer more K+.

> >From what Ive read, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, K+ is
> a luxury nutrient - the more you give a plant the more it'll take in and
> store
> even if it doesn't need to.

Yes.__Quite__ a bit in many cases.

> It is my opinion that there's a K+ / Ca++ relationship. They need to be
> in a certain ratio or range in order for K not to block Ca. Note, this is
> my OPINION, and I'll be rearching this in the next few weeks to determine
> the exact nature of the relationship - if infact there is one.

This might be pH buffered since higher Ca is often, but not always,
associated with higher pH's.

I'll keep looking also.

Tom Barr

> -
> Ghazanfar Ghori

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