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[APD] Re: Triple PO4 and Apatite solubility

>>Remember that the Ca and F ions
>aren't going anywhere, at least not quickly. This
>will inhibit future

Good catch. I forgot to take that into account. I
haven't really done any chemistry for at least a few
years now (college). Anyway, so I guess in a normal
aquarium fluorapatite will probably not dissolve at
I was reading something about NASA using a synthetic
apatite with zeolite as a substrate for growing plants
without soil. The apatite has the formula
Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2. I don't know the Ksp or anything.
Looks cool, but I don't if it would have any uses in
the aquarium. I got the info off zeoponix.com, in case
anyone cares. 

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