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Re: [APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 5, Issue 20

I suggest, first work out adequate lighting then count the
watts involved.  The wpg rule of thumb only evolved as an
aproximation of wht folks were using successfully to grow

Coat the leads with insulating material and you can dunk
the whole thing in water :-)

Scott H.
--- Andy Lavery <wagoneer78 at hotmail_com> wrote:
> >OK, so our new rule of thumb is 16 LEDs per 2G or 8
> LEDs/G? :^) [A 55G
> >tank could get mighty expensive!]
> No - I used 12 LEDs for adequate coverage with the LEDs I
> had - then 4 Reds 
> to compensate for the super blue light output. As soon as
> I get the new LEDs 
> I'll be switching to probably 4-5 1w whites, Tho I may
> have another array of 
> red/blue to play with to see how plant growth compares.
> One of my next projects will be on a 10g to work out the
> whole WPG issue and 
> do some comparisons. Eventually we'll figured out some
> efficiency numbers - 
> in theory I could go super efficient and use 670nm 625nm
> and 470nm LEDs - 
> putting all the light in the plants light requirements; I
> could focus the 
> light exactly where its needed. Then the efficiency would
> be WAY beyond what 
> any current technology could manage - but that's not my
> goal.
> >Nothing says you can't immerse the ends of the plastic
> lenses in the
> >tank water. That should give a big spread, and increase
> efficiency a bit
> >in the process.
> Actually my whole array can be dunked - its totally
> encased in epoxy - It's 
> landed in the fish tank a few times now with no ill
> effects (I haven't been 
> worried about reaching in to grab it out either). I'll
> test out some dry vs 
> wet comparisons with a single LED.

S. Hieber

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