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[APD] RE: K+ measurement/minimum

Hey gang,

Tom Barr writes: 
> Well minimum K+ relative to _what_?
> The ratio relative to other nutrients is a good
> adaptation.

You're the king of "ranges"-- What's the bottom end? 
Ratios are a fine answer to my question, but you're
micro-management argument below makes them a little
unpractical, no?

> N:P ratios for aquatic macrophytes is 10:1.
> A 1:1 ratio of N:K+ will lead to excess since most
> plants are 1.5N:1 K+.

Thanks-- This is what I wanted to know. My tanks'
successes and failures make a great deal more sense

> Mr Ghori suggested a 10:1:10, NPK ratio which is a
> nice easy simple number
> and seems like it should be adopted vs the older
> 20-30ppm of K and the
> range but this can be put into a context of a range
> also, just another way
> of saying it.

So, with such a tight tolerance, how do we avoid

Lemme see if I've got this right. If you add 5ppm N,
and 5ppm K after a water change, would you need to add
an additional 5ppm of K when (if) you replenish N? Or,
would K+ only be dosed once per week: 10 total ppm of
NO3 is dosed over the week-- 10ppm of K+ would be
dosed at the beginning?


> I think many folks seem to feel the minmum amounts
> of nutrients is somehow
> going to produce less algae.
> Nope.Good plant growth will though.

"Many Folks" weren't talking about algae-- Just plant
growth. Really just K+. But since you brought it up...

I believe that minimum amounts of macros do produce
less algae in the omnipresence of CO2, Fe, and trace
elements. Good plant growth alone is not enough to
retard algae growth.  

> It also is a PITA to micro mange your tank so much
> attempting to outwit
> algae a little by dosing daily, skirting the minimum
> ranges with nutrients.

It's all micro-management-- Ranges, ratios, whatever
you'd like to call it. "Many folks" happen to think
that daily dosing is superior to 2-3 times a week, but
I'd hardly call that micromanagment. Further, daily
dosing has nothing to do with algae control-- at least
not for me. 

Boy, this thread has wandered...

> It can be done well using a balanced fish load, less
> lighting or a non CO2
> method quite well, but these variable need to be
> taken into consideration
> when the aquarist wants to do a certain
> routine/method that is right for
> them. 

That's good advice.

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

> Regards, 
> Tom Barr 

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