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[APD] RE: (NH4)2 SO4

> I did take an old filter from an Eclipse 3 and toss it in the tank a
> back. That's about as close to mulm as I have from a tank not infested
> BGA.

BGA is not going to grow unless you provide a good place for it to grow.
Anyway, if you have it one tank, the spores are in the others if it's been
there for 2 weeks or so for sure.

> I don't plan on adding fish until the NH4/NH3 levels are zip. I am 
> wondering about keeping the bacterial population at the right levels
> stopping the ammonium sulfate.

Well, unless you feed the bacteria, they are going to decline in
So you built up a big population and then it'll die back to whatever your
fish waste is providing.
I don't see much point in doing that, waiting three weeks and doing the
The bacterial population will adjust to it's food source lagging a little
bit behind production of NH4.

 I've seen a recently cycled tank crash after 
> relatively small changes in load. I'm guessing there was not enough
> or NO2 to sustain the populations. It seems odd however that the tank
> completely recycle.
> Phil Bunch

Well if you do regular large weekly water changes, add a few floating
plants like water sprite, you'll never have this problem. Add the mulm to
start off with and be done with it.So what if you have BGA spores in there?
You can turn the light off for 3 days since it's not a plant tank etc.
Some floating plants in breeding tanks, fish only tanks is a good idea
If you want, you can add Peace lilies etc to the filter section for a plant

It's hard to sell bacteria and it's really not the nicest stuff to look at
but I can sell plants, they are much better looking. Bacteria are just a
back up to me and something to reminerilize waste and OM in plant tanks.

If you want good results from the filters in a fish only tank, aerate, wet
dry filters, biowheels, high current surface turbulence etc.
Water changes are still greatly appreicated if you are worried about
establishment(first month or two). Back off later or keep with the frequent

Tom Barr 

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