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[APD] RE: Fishless cycling with (NH4)2 SO4

> This seems to be pretty good progress for 10 days. I'm going to make a 
> saturated solution of Ammonium sulfate and start adding drops gradually.
> I'm only reporting on what's happening with the tank so any of the new 
> folks that read this probably should not make too much of it. There had 
> been some interest in using ammonium sulfate for this purpose so I
> I'd drop a line. For the plant folks this is going to be a cichlid tank
> I'm not going to do extensive planting. I read Tom's note on not needing
> cycle in a properly planted tank but it does not apply to my situation.
> Phil Bunch

Why not do the mulm?
Why wait 3 weeks?

(NH4)2SO4 works fine for a source for NH4 fishless cycling.

I'd be cautious dosing NH4 into any tank with fish or plants though.
Generally a bad idea for most.
Mulm/eastablished filter/old tank water is the easiest stuff to use,
requires NO wait, NO testing.

Tom Barr

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