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[APD] Re: Notes on the notion of high K+ causing Ca++ inhibition

>the plants once considered difficult. Doesn't it make
>sense to find the *minimum* critical value for dosing
>K+? I certainly have seen improved growth, in every
>respect, when using much less K+.

Currently I'm using a 10:1:10 N:P:K ratio that seems to work
well. I guess if you're not using KNO3, you can test your Nitrates,
work out the amount of N in ppm, then add in the appropriate amount
of K, you'd be in the ballpark.

>It has been pointed out to me that some nutrients are
>best utilized when in excess, CO2 for example. Is K+
>one of these?

>From what Ive read, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, K+ is
a luxury nutrient - the more you give a plant the more it'll take in and
even if it doesn't need to.

It is my opinion that there's a K+ / Ca++ relationship. They need to be
in a certain ratio or range in order for K not to block Ca. Note, this is
my OPINION, and I'll be rearching this in the next few weeks to determine
the exact nature of the relationship - if infact there is one.

Ghazanfar Ghori
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